7.7 Billion Voices...

...and each longs to be heard, but with so many trying to speak up, expressing wants, needs, pain, pleasure, thought, emotion, and above all else, love, who is left to listen? To respond?

Our world is such a fragile, complicated, patchwork quilt of life and death, give and take, where tugging on one thread immediately begins to unravel another. Where a single action creates a chain reaction the far-reaching effects of which we may never truly understand, but if we're all intrinsically connected; if, to borrow an old adage, "no [one] is an island," then surely we can find a better way to thrive and see our neighbors flourish with us, as well.

And if all our maps and technologies cannot lead us to that fabled, x-marked treasure, are we not still infinitely capable of creating one?


2018-06-27 10.36.15

A Good First Step

If the only way forward is together, then this is a great way to take your first step.
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