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Artwork: joy. Framing & Words: KP


From the moment we're born, we're taught, that showing your emotions is a bad thing... unless, of course, they are upbeat, positive, and somehow beneficial to the people around us, but it's unrealistic to expect anyone to feel that way all the time.

We all experience heartache and difficulty, and expressing the emotions that come with those experiences is not only normal but also healthy. Don't let the world's expectations stifle your truth.

 Out on a Limb

Words & Art: KP

...but on that ledge a clarity reveals itself en masse:
Life honors all sincerity, and good shall come to pass.

Why do we see failure in such a negative light? Failure is the front door to growth, yet so often, we let our fear of failure prevent us from taking risks altogether. In so doing, we become stagnant and disinterested, and the only outcome of those states is death. Push yourself to take risks, and when you fail, remember: you're growing, and that's a very good thing.


We are complicated creatures. Flawed to the point of being blind to our flaws and yet exceedingly capable of overcoming them. Every single person deals with their own unique set of struggles, and that should be more than enough reason to show one another grace and compassion, but so often we allow our personal circumstances to override the experience of another. That selfishness, that narcissism - it needs to stop. We can fill its space with any number of other beautiful traits humanity has within its repertoire! We just need to be willing to join hands with one another instead of fighting against one another. We will gladly start: take our hand.

Rare Encounter

Rare Encounter Word Art

Isn't it amazing what the human brain is capable of? On the one hand, it can take a bunch of words that have been mashed together and make perfect sense of them and the image they're meant to portray, while on the other, it can so easily mistake what it doesn't know or understand for fear thereby leading it to commit heinous acts of violence and selfishness.

Whale sharks, along with all of their relatives, are horribly misunderstood creatures. They are majestic beyond measure and, moreover, they are absolutely essential to the health of our oceans. Please consider purchasing a copy of this poem and a print of Rare Encounter or Rare Encounter B&W - 100% of the proceeds go to oceanic and shark conservation.

Narcissus' Pride

With all the different writing communities out there, it's difficult to claim the excuse, "I have nothing to write about." Writing prompts, visual inspiration, and sometimes just reading the work of others is enough to ignite a spark. We appreciate communities like @herheartpoetry on Instagram, because they do their best to provoke thought, encourage writers of every level of expertise, and they spend most of their time shining the light on others. They lead by example, so when they put up a challenge, we do our best to respond. Their prompt for this piece was to use "daisies and dandelions," and as all artists should do, we took their prompt and put our own unique twist on the it.

Artwork: joy. Framing & Words: KP

Funky Pineapple

What difference does it make whether you're the juice or the flavor or the color or the rind or the leaves or the dirt in which the pineapple grows? Isn't the more important part, by far, that we understand we're all just parts of the greater whole? Just like the nine of us are connected, so too are all the things of this planet, and the sooner we realize that, the sooner we embrace those differences in one another, the sooner we can put these petty squabbles behind us and begin to create the long-lasting future we all want.


We've often heard it said - especially among white, protestant Christians - that since we were given dominion over the earth and all its creatures, essentially, we can do whatever we want with it. Supposing for a moment, that they are correct, why does that power mean that we have to act like tyrants? Isn't that somewhat directly against the example of the Christian god that we're all, apparently, meant to emulate?
As it turns out, though, we don't all believe in that version of god, and as such, we don't believe this world is just a temporary stop before paradise. All the more reason to take care of it, then, as well as every living thing regardless of how far below us we [arrogantly] think it is on the evolutionary scale.

Artwork: joy. Framing & Words: KP


Being the first to act selflessly is difficult. You have to be vulnerable, courageous, and resolute despite knowing that you may be taken advantage of, but that last bit - the part about being hurt in the process - is just fear, and fear never accomplished anything but destruction.

If we could somehow put fear aside in order to place the needs of others before our own, though, just think of how the world would change for the better: instead of an endless cycle of negativity, we could create a cycle of boundless potential!

Wake Up

Wake Up Word Art

Wake up, little bird,
You've been sleeping much too long;
All your older siblings have already joined in song
with the other birds who realize that Springtime has arrived,
So wake up, love,
Don't waste the time you have to grow and thrive.

Every morning, we awaken to the sound of birds in the canopy of trees that surrounds our house, and every morning we wonder when the rest of our kind will borrow from their example and wake up to the song they're all singing: the world has so much to abundance to offer, but until we can learn to live in harmony with everything around us, we will continue on, curled up inside our shells, oblivious to the dangers around us.