Before the Bird


Kealakekua, HI, USA
November 2017



Chubby grubs with stubby nubs
for feet that dance to dub in clubs
snub other grubs from podunk shrubs.

If you’ve ever been to Hawaii and had the rare opportunity to witness a hummingbird flying from flower to flower sipping on nectar, you were cleverly deceived. Hawaii has no hummingbirds. What you were actually seeing was the adult version of this chubby larva, the hummingbird moth (also knows as the sphinx moth). They are the only moth able to hover by flapping their wings at incredible speeds, and because they’re so large, their caterpillar forms can be somewhat grotesque.

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Dimensions 16 × 20 in

4"x4", 8"x8", 12"x12"

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Matte, Cardstock


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