New Smyrna Beach, FL, USA
March 2016



Explosions like I’d never known
while in my hand, bright colors shone
like sun above – what yellow glow
from that which grows from ground.

Herbs are delicious, often fragrant from hundreds of feet away, and they provide our bodies with all kinds of nutrients and essential oils that can’t be found anywhere else, but every year, I make sure to let some of our cherished herbs go to flower for a couple reasons: 1) the flowers are as varied and unique as they are beautiful, and 2) because like us human types, bees and pollinators the world over depend on those flowers for sustenance.
It’s our way of saying, “Thank you for all that you do.”

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Dimensions 16 × 20 in

4"x4", 8"x8", 12"x12"

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Matte, Cardstock


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