Rainbow Dill


New Smyrna Beach, FL, USA
January 2017



A rainbow is said to promise hope
on days of clouds and rain,
But I prefer the promises shown
through land and its bountiful gain.

We’ve always thought it funny, in a way, that people are always looking to the skies for hope and dreams and promises of better things. But we have no wings – just flabby arms, calloused hands, and boundless charm. For us, the promise of hope has always been much more evident and practical in a flower’s humble circle of life. Maybe the reason we’re always looking is because we’re ashamed of what we see or how little we know when we look down at the earth below, but that can change. All you have to do, allĀ we have to do, is join together for the same cause. Then even the sky won’t be able to contain us!

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