Rare Encounter


Printed on premium photo paper: the pearly finish adds depth, warmth, and vivid color to an already beautiful piece of artwork.



Rare Encounter (Word Art)

Artwork & Words: Kamon Perez

Less than 1% of the world’s population has been in the water with a whale shark, the largest of all fish in the ocean, and yet, because shark is included in the name, so many think they know exactly what to expect from these gentle giants. They are, however, far from the blood-crazed killing machines that the media makes them out to be. In fact, whale sharks along with all shark species, are critically important to the health of our oceans, but because of ignorance and the fear born thereof, their numbers are decreasing by more than 100 million annually.

Please do your part! Purchase a copy of this poem for your own: 100% of the money raised in the sales of the Rare Encounter series goes directly to oceanic and shark conservation, so even if you never get the chance to get in the water with one, at least you can say you did something to prevent their destruction, and consequently, our own, as well.

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