Rare Encounter


Pacific Ocean, HI, USA
February 2019



What I thought fear was only water, misunderstanding, and child-like awe
as the gentle giant swam right past without the slightest yaw.

So wrapped up are we in our own spheres of comfort and convenience, that we haven’t even created a word to explain the willful destruction of an entire species. We can only define it in terms of alive or dead. Xenocide, a term coined by Orson Scott Card is the closest we’ve come.

The fact is, though, that sharks are being systematically hunted and killed at a disgusting rate – over 100 million annually – and for what? Fins? Fear? Pure ego. Without sharks, our oceans will die, and we will follow shortly thereafter. The time for change was yesterday – today, now is the time for action.


100% of every purchase
of “Rare Encounter” and “Rare Encounter B&W”
will go toward oceanic and shark-specific education and conservation.
Please do your part to repair the destruction humanity has caused.

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